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Welcome Bay Area Ross Wells Raw Feeders!

-->Delivery specifics to be posted on facebook at 6pm on Friday July 12th<--
Set an alarm on your phone to check the facebook page at that time and hit REFRESH!

Orders were open until Tuesday June 18th 11:59pm
We expect delivery sometime the week of July 15th

-->Delivery specifics to be posted on facebook at 6pm on Friday July 12th<--
Set an alarm on your phone to check the facebook page at that time and hit REFRESH!

**Please order for at least 11 weeks this time, to make it to the next delivery, and that includes the STRONGLY RECOMMENDED extra week, in case of any shipping delay!**

Please ALWAYS watch the facebook page for delivery date details and announcements.

Click here for ordering calendar:

**Please note that you must be a current member of our facebook group in order to participate, as all announcements will be posted there.**


Please review entire agreement below carefully, then scroll back up and


Organizer’s Info:

Cindy Gordon

Delivery location:  (click address for map)

Redemption Church:
105 Nortech Parkway
San Jose, California 95134

This group services The Bay Area, California and beyond, as far as you are willing to travel to our delivery day location! As a group, we combine our orders via this website and order from Ross Wells, to get wonderful quality food at wholesale pricing. Products are delivered together on to our Delivery Location listed above, where we all meet and sort the product out, and then take our individual orders home. Please realize that it is a privilege, not a right, to participate with our Facebook group, and lack of cooperation could lead to being removed from the group at the group admins' discretion.

Benefits of Co-op Orders:
- Great quality raw food
- Happy & well fed pups at insanely affordable wholesale prices!

Challenges of Co-op Orders:
- Unknown exact delivery date at time of ordering: We know which week delivery will take place, but we do not know what day and time. We have no control over when the delivery will be made, zero.


When do we know delivery day & time?

3-4 Days before Delivery day. The delivery day is determined by the shipping company after the order has left Ross Wells. The shipping company will call me as soon as they leave Ross Wells with our shipment, that is on Thursday or Friday the week before it will delivered. At that point they give me the delivery date and time. AS SOON AS I RECEIVE THAT CALL, I POST THE INFO ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. I strongly recommed that you set a phone alarm for the Friday before delivery week, at 6pm, to remind you to revisit our facebook page and hit REFRESH to see the delivery day details post.  At times this mystery might be inconvenient for you. If you want to take part but cannot be there, it's ok, but YOU MUST send someone in your place. Do not wait until the last minute to find someone. Check the location map on our facebook page for where members live, and it always is nice to offer a little payment (money or dog food!) to the person who helped you out in a pinch!


PRODUCTS ARE HEAVY (40 or 50 lbs each item) and help is required from each person who orders. Unpacking is a group effort. (And also kinda fun too!). Doubling up on carrying a box makes it very easy, ask for help! If you are sending someone in your place, this person must be able to participate with the unpacking process which means some heavy lifting will be involved. Don't send your 80 year old grandma unless she's ripped or bringing help! That said... if you are disabled, injured, have a bad back, leg, etc, you're pregnant, you just had surgery, etc... please let us know, and we WILL find someone to help you! This all becomes less of an issue as the group grows, and there are more folks to help each other out. There ARE jobs for you on delivery day that won't require any lifting.


SAFETY NOTE: Do not overload your vehicles!! That is a very serious safety concern!! Please check the load capacity on your vehicle before you make plans to take home 1000+ pounds! Easiest way is to use google, for example: “load capacity of a 2008 chrysler town and country” will show you exactly what you car can safely carry, with good tires, etc. Remember, that weight capacity INCLUDES passengers, so be sure to remove your weight and your passenger’s weight from the allowable total. More general info here on this topic here:


Purchases are for personal use only:
By purchasing with our co-op, you are agreeing that this is for YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY, and not for resale. Reselling is cause for immediate removal of the co-op. If you end up not being able to use the product personally, you may offer it back for sale, at cost or less than cost, to the group members on the facebook group, with admin approval.  Contact Cindy, she will help you.

No refunds or changes:

There will be no refunds or changes to your personal order, once your personal order is placed. PLEASE THINK IT THROUGH BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. That being said, there are many people that will fight for the opportunity to purchase your order if you don't want it. (Most people wish they had ordered more!) So if you don't want your order, simply post on our group's Facebook page, and others will scramble for it, especially if you offer it at a discount. You can do this either before or after delivery. If you sell your order to someone else BEFORE delivery day, please let us know so we can adjust who is picking it up. If you place your order and then wished you had ordered more, no problem, just place another order! But please pay for each one separately so the numbers match up on my end.

Shipping and delivery fees:
All products shown on this site have the shipping costs INCLUDED in their pricing.  Shipping cost includes all expenses (shipping fee from Ross Wells, labels, organizer fee, and other expenses) and is split up per pound among our entire order. You will be able to review the total and clearly see your total cost before pressing submit.

How to order:
I have set up this shopping cart to facilitate our ordering process. The product categories are listed at the top of this page. Browse, select, and checkout. There are THREE steps in the checkout process, make sure you go through all three steps to submit your order. After you submit your order, you will receive an order number on the screen, and a confirmation email with your order details. If you don’t see an order number, you probably didn’t go through the entire checkout, please look for the order number to verify that you're done. Please note, the website WILL require your address during checkout, but ALL ORDERS WILL BE DELIVERED TOGETHER TO LOCATION INDICATED BELOW ON DELIVERY DAY.  NOTHING WILL EVER BE SHIPPED TO YOUR HOME.



We take payment via our ordering site only, using a credit or debit card.  (No PayPal) American Express is not accepted. Use any other debit or credit card to make the payment. Follow the shopping cart process all the way through, it will walk you through 3 steps, and it will indicate step 1 of 3, step 2 of 3 and step 3 of 3.  On the final confirmation screen once you have completed your order, you'll see your ORDER NUMBER.  Once you have an ORDER NUMBER, you can be confident that your order is completed, so make sure you see your order number on the final screen!  It is your responsibility to purchase DURING THE OPEN ORDER PERIOD, so that it is included in our order to Ross Wells. Orders received before or after the order period will not be included in the order, they will be refunded minus the transaction fee incurred. 


Delivery Day!

When delivery day arrives, everyone must show up to help! It's a BREEZE when everyone is there on time. Sometimes the truck is early! We make them wait until the time they gave us, if that's the case. Sometimes the truck is late!! We hang out and wait when that happens. Again, we have no control over that, so come with a good attitude and check the Facebook page for updates, they will only be posted there. We have a great system, it makes sorting super fast, if everyone is there to help. Don't be late, don't be "that guy"!! Everyone stays until we are done sorting, no exceptions, or you will be removed from the group. Please plan ahead. Our orders get sorted very quickly with my system, so please be patient and helpful. Once the order is sorted, everyone must confirm their orders w/ their customer sheets.  ONCE EVERYONE GIVES A THUMBS UP, AND THE DELIVERY DAY LEADER GIVES YOU THE GREEN LIGHT TO LEAVE, then you are free to take your order and go!  Or hang out and help others, whatever you choose. Gloves are also helpful for carrying boxes. You might consider a tarp to protect your vehicle’s interior from any leaks.


ALSO:  There are sometimes DELAYS on delivery day!!!!  It doesn't happen all that often, but it DOES happen sometimes.  Please remember, this is not retail, and sometimes there will be challenges on delivery day.  Truckers sometimes are faced with unforseen challenges at deliveries before ours. Please DO NOT SCHEDULE TIGHTLY on that day!!  Stay FLEXIBLE and stay tuned to the facebook page for any notification of delays, that is our primary means of communication.  Be sure to have your cell phone with you, and when ordering, be sure that the number you have entered into your order account is your cell phone, so I can reach you if need be.


**IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING SAFETY:** We love your kiddos and want them to be safe from harm. So on delivery day, please find a sitter and leave them at home. Or bring a sitter with you to safely wait in the car with them. Up to you. But we CANNOT have kids (minors, non adults) or pets outside of the car in the parking lots. To that end... here's a bit of necessary verbiage that you are agreeing to when you place an order on this website:

NO SHOWS on Delivery Day:

IF YOU (OR SOMEONE DESIGNATED BY YOU) HAVE NOT PICKED UP YOUR ORDER BY THE TIME THE LAST PERSON WHO HELPED TO UNPACK IS GONE, YOUR ORDER WILL BE FORFEITED WITH NO REFUND. At that point the order will become the property of the co-op organizer, and will be kept or distributed or sold at her sole discretion. We will not call and chase you down, it will not be delivered to you, it will not be taken home and held for you, it will not be left outside, and we will not wait for you. Please, be responsible, we aren't going to babysit your dog food. If something comes up, get someone to go in your place, make arrangements, etc. Again, don't be "that guy"!! Make friends within the co-op group, add yourself to the member location map in the files section of the facebook page.  It's helpful to have friends in emergencies. Plus, this is a cool group of dog loving folks!


If you have any questions, please read through the content above very carefully. If the answer is not here, then contact Cindy at 214-535-4367.


By placing an order on this website, you are agreeing to all of the terms above, and agree to hold the co-op and the organizers harmless of any loss whether material or financial. No refunds or reimbursements will be given.


Rough timelines:

We order roughly bi-monthly (every other month). These dates are subject to change, but the current planned dates for 2018-2019 can be found at the link below. If you click on an order period in the calendar, it will indicate how many weeks of product you should order for, to hold you over until the next delivery day. Most are 8 week periods, some are 9 or 10 week periods.  I need to work around the delivery schedule that sometimes has obstacles such as holidays or Wisconsin hunting season.   I recommend purchasing at least one or two EXTRA WEEKS beyond what you will actually need, in case a delivery gets delayed for whatever reason. We’ve been very lucky and have never had that issue, but I have seen it happen with other groups, especially around the holidays.

Click here for ordering calendar:


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